Lubna Sasi Part 1 : Khala beta (the black guy)

I was staying round my uncle’s house, where it was just my uncle and aunt and their 6 year old daughter. My sasa had to go Bangladesh for a few months with my gran and had asked me if I could stay around till he was back. My sasi was a bengali milf with a banging body. She had a nice sexy curvy figure and she always wore sexy maxis which showed off her figure. She was fairly religious and always wore niqab and hijab when she went out. She wasn’t very educated and spoke some English but mainly communicated in bengali.

On a Monday morning my sasi had woken up early and had dropped her daughter to school. During which time she had thought I had left for work. While I was actually off and at home. We were expecting an engineer to sort out the sky in the house as what she said last night. I heard someone ringing the door at 10am. I did not expect much to happen.

After a while I heard a set of footsteps coming upstairs. To my surprise I began hearing a man’s voice moaning and saying “just like that baby, take it all”. I became extremely curious and slightly opened my room door. In the distance I could see sasi on her knees sucking off a black guy. Slurping and slobbering all over his cock. The man was about 5ft11in tall and built with a long cock from where I was standing. This was making me really horny. I pulled the door open a tiny bit more to get a better view.

My cock became extremely hard. I felt the urge to go join. But was scared of what would happen. I pulled out my cock and began wanking. All I could hear was my sasi reply to him in bengali “zeh boro, zeh boro (so big, so big)”. After a couple mins of my sasi sucking him off she got up and took a seat on the edge of her bed. At this time the black man got up and took out a condom and slipped it on. He pushed her on her back and lifted up her maxi and stripped her of her panties and moved his head closer and began eating her. My view of her pussy was being obstructed by her thick thighs. He began eating her out.

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Sasi let out moan after moan in pleasure at times letting out little screams. This continued for a few mins. The man got up and sasi shuffled up. They were now out of sight. All I could hear was the sounds of sasi moaning and the sounds of slaps of the guys groin against hers. I couldn’t control myself and began stroking it to the thought of sasi being pounded by a black cock.

After sometime they had finished. A couple minutes later I heard two people walking down the stairs. I hid out in my room for the rest of the day. She left around 3pm to collect her daughter from school. During this time I went snooping in her room. In her bin I found a stretched condom filled with cum.

I collected the stretched out condom and took a quick pic of it. The thought of it being inside her made rock hard.

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