Ginger’s Bisexual Affairs

Chapter One

Ginger sat on the edge of the bed watching her husband get ready for work. He looked so handsome in his designer suit. Now, he looked absolutely nothing like the young boy she fell in love with in college. He was a man, a very successful man, and she felt lucky to be by his side.

“What are you staring at?” He asked with a chuckle.

Ginger was watching him shave in the bathroom mirror. She loved how carefully he stroked the razor against his skin, and how smooth his face would become. She was enamored by him; that she could not help.

“You’re so handsome.” She said.

Bill washed his face, and then splashed some aftershave on his skin without taking his eyes off of her through the mirror’s reflection. He turned to her, his ass against the sink, and then licked his lips.

“How about a morning quickie?” He said with a grin.

“You’ll be late!” Ginger said with a nervous giggle.

She knew he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. When he decided he wanted something, he went after it full force, and that included her.

He walked over to the bed, pushing her down onto her back. As he stood over her, glaring at her in her pink sleep pants and flimsy white tank top, he seemed to be taking in her image.

“You need to go shopping today.” He said.

“I don’t need anything.” Ginger replied.

“Oh yes you do!” He said, still wearing the mischievous grin.

“What?” She asked.

“Sexy lingerie.” He said.

Ginger had never owned lingerie until her bridal shower. Her friend Nancy from college bought her a sexy white teddy with stockings and a G-string to match. She loved how excited Bill became when he saw her walk out of the hotel bathroom wearing it on their honeymoon. She thought that was something you wore on your wedding night, not after you were married. She couldn’t imagine sleeping in such a getup.

“Seriously?” Ginger asked, raising her eyebrow.

“Yes, something really hot!” He said.

His hands slid around her waist, tugging at her sleep pants. With one smooth motion, he pulled them from her waist to her ankles, and then to the floor.

She was embarrassed that he was now staring at her cotton panties. She knew they were not sexy, but they were comfortable. He grinned as he looked at the sweet little pink flowers on the material, and then turned around to grab something from the drawer behind him.

Ginger let out a squeal when she had seen the scissors in his hand, and quickly covered her face with her hands.

“What are you doing?” She asked with a giggle in her voice.

“What needs done.” He said sternly.

She felt the cold metal of the scissors against her leg, and then heard the noise as they cut away her flowered panties.

Bill tugged on them, pulling the sliced material away from her skin.

“That’s better.” He said.

His hands rested on her knees, and then slid up her legs. As he passed her private area, he rested on her belly, sliding the tank top up just enough to

expose her round breasts.

“You really are sexy.” Bill whispered.

“No I’m not!” Ginger argued, covering her face with her hands once again.

Bill’s hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them under her thin tank top. He reached up and gently removed her hands from her face, and then leaned in to kiss her passionately on the mouth.

She loved how he made her feel. He did make her feel sexy, even though she knew her shyness got in the way of adventurousness. Bill always told her she needed to just let go, but it always felt so awkward to her, so she let him lead the way when it came to sex.

His mouth moved to her breasts, playfully flicking her nipples with his tongue. As he lowered himself down her body, she felt his hot breath on her belly, and then at her playground, deep between her legs.

His tongue slid across her pussy as it traced the crease between her thighs on each side. She quivered as his tongue smacked against her sensitive skin between her legs, pushing apart her pink folds.

“I love the way you taste.” He whispered, and then plunged his tongue deep into her pussy.

Ginger moaned as he worked it in and out, and when his finger slid in beside it, she let out a squeal.

As she felt her body relax, and her orgasm start to build, he stood, unzipped his pants, and let her squirm as she waited for him to unleash his cock.

Her eyes never left his hand, watching as it pulled the hardened meat from his slacks, and then slowly stroked it with precision and skill.

“You want this?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said.

“Then tell me.” He said.

“I want it.” She said.

“You want what?” He asked.

Ginger felt herself blush. She knew Bill was prompting her to talk dirty, and she wished she could do it without feeling so silly.

“I want your cock.” She whispered.

“Good girl.” He said, pushing his finger back into her hot, wet hole for a few strokes to work her back up.

He gripped her legs, pulling her to the edge of the bed, and then rested his cock at her tight pink entrance. His eyes remained on her, staring intensely as he forced his large cock into her excited hole.

He pumped hard, pushing himself deeper and deeper into her body. She felt herself start to quiver, and she knew he wouldn’t last long once she let go.

He once told her how beautiful she was when she orgasmed, and that in that moment, she was sexier than ever. She always felt a little awkward when she would cum, feeling out of control, and not sure what faces she was making.

Her body tensed, and she knew Bill could feel her starting to pulsate as he stared into her eyes.

“Let go baby girl.” He said, pushing harder and harder.

Ginger felt his hand on her face, stroking her cheek as she began to drift off into another world. Everything went black, and then flashed with colors as she tightly squeezed her eyes shut.

“Open your eyes baby.” He whispered, knowing she was trying to disappear.

Ginger opened her eyes, stared at her handsome husband and let go.

Her body twitched, her leg began to quiver, and she watched as his head

leaned back and his mouth formed an ‘o’. Once he let out his loud groan, she knew he was satisfied.

“That’s how everyday should be started.” He whispered, and then pulled himself out from between her legs.

She quickly clenched her legs to catch the mess while he grabbed her towel from the bathroom.

She loved starting her day this way too, so maybe, just maybe, she would go shopping for something sexy.

Chapter Two

Ginger was showered and dressed, and Bill was long gone at work. The house was huge. It was much too big for just the two of them, but they did hope to eventually start a family.

When they moved to Arizona for his job, she was excited to see a new place, but leaving her family and friends was scary, and after a year, she hadn’t made any new friends, and spent most of her time in the big house putting around.

She decided to shop like Bill suggested, and got in her car and drove towards the mall. The Victoria’s Secret store that was situated between a candy shop and a plus sized women’s boutique in the mall was something she passed on her way to American Eagle, but never once had she ever entered.

She lingered at the candy shop, buying a bag of gumballs and some chocolate covered pretzels. After laughing at herself for acting so reluctant to enter the sexy store, she finally made her way inside.

“Can I help you?” A tall blonde woman asked, making her immediately feel out of place.

She was dressed in a pants suit with a low cut breast and looked as if she had been airbrushed with a golden tan. Ginger felt underdressed in her jeans and t-shirt.

“I’m just looking.” Ginger said, and then browsed through the bras on the wall.

“Is there something in particular you want today?” She asked.

Her voice was soft and kind, and Ginger knew just because she looked like a snob, she most likely wasn’t. Her job was to look that good, so she lightened up, and decided to let the woman help.

“I need something sexy.” She whispered.

“You came to the right place. Is it a special occasion?” She asked.

“No, my husband wants me to give up my cotton panties.” Ginger joked, but was more serious than the woman realized.

“Understood.” She said, and then grabbed a few things from the rack.

“Medium panties, size 5, 34 C?” She asked.

“Yes.” Ginger said, a little stunned by the woman’s accuracy.

“Right this way.” She said, leading her to the dressing rooms in the back.

Ginger took the items from the woman and closed herself in the dressing room. The bra and panties she tried on first were flattering to her curves, much more so than the underwear she arrived in.

“How does it fit?” The saleswoman asked from outside the door.

“Perfect.” Ginger said.

The door opened without warning, and the woman stared in at her in her skimpy attire. Ginger felt embarrassed that the woman intruded on her in that way, but when she seen her lips curl into a smile, and her eyes light up, she was suddenly proud of her body.

“Don’t ever cover that beautiful body up with cotton panties again.” The woman said, and then shut the door.

She returned with several other options for Ginger to try on, including a silky black corset with matching panties and straps that hung for stockings.

After trying everything on, and having the woman inspect each piece, she brought the items to the cash register.

“So, what will you be purchasing today?” She asked.

“All of it.” Ginger said, holding her husband’s credit card in her hand.

The woman smiled, and rang up the sale. After $689 was spent in the store, Ginger felt like a new woman, and she knew Bill would be pleased.

When she got home, she decided to hide the items in the back of the closet, with the exception of the new matching bra and panties she wanted to wear.

She stood in front of the mirror admiring her body in the undergarments. Her round breasts were pushed up and together in the bra, making them look larger and fuller. The panties hugged her high on the hips, making her legs look even longer, and with her bare ass cheeks, and the tiny triangle at her tail bone, she somehow looked curvier.

She heard a car door slam outside, and then people talking. Her heart skipped a beat for second as she grabbed a towel to cover herself up. It was impossible for anyone to see inside her large bathroom window, but her shyness always seemed to come out in an irrational way when she was startled.

As she peeked out the window she noticed a woman in a black suit standing at the front entrance to the house next door. A couple stood beside her, waiting for her to let them in.

Ginger had not associated with her neighbors much, mainly because they all had small children, and that left little in common between them, so she was hopeful that someone more like her and Bill would move into the empty house next door.

The woman had blonde hair with dark brown roots. It was long and hung down the middle of her back. She was wearing a tank top and jeans, and it looked like she had a tattoo on her tan shoulder. The man was wearing a designer suit, held the woman’s hand, and looked to be taller than Bill, even at 6’ 2”. They looked to be about the same age as her and Bill, and she didn’t see any kids, or any car seats in the SUV they drove.

Ginger watched as they entered the house, and then waited for what seemed like an eternity for them to exit.

They stood on the grass, talking to the woman in the suit for several minutes before they got into their SUV and drove away.

Only a few people even looked at the property since it went up for sale a month ago, and Ginger was losing hope that anyone would buy it, until now.

The couple looked happy as they talked to the woman, and the man had gripped the woman by the waist, pulling her in close to him before they got in their car. So, Ginger was thinking that was a good sign, it looked very familiar to how her and Bill looked when they put in an offer on their house.

Chapter Three

Ginger pulled weeds from her flower bed, spent an hour working out, and then showered. She put the new panty and bra set on after her shower, and then covered them with a pair of black yoga pants and a bright blue tank top. She knew that Bill would notice her cleavage right away, and she couldn’t wait for his reaction.

She had just started dinner when her phone buzzed. Looking down at the screen, she noticed she had two texts from Bill.

Bill: Baby, I’m going to be late tonight….

Bill: Don’t worry about dinner; I’ll grab something here at the office.

Ginger was used to him working late, but he usually told her before now. She was too far into the meal to stop, so she continued sautéing the vegetables and chicken in her sweet and sour sauce, and answered his text.

Ginger: How late?

Bill: Late…

Ginger: Ok, I’ll see you tonight then…

Bill: Don’t wait up baby, it’s going to be a rough night here…

Ginger knew he was working on a high-profile case, and if he could manage to pull off a win in court next month, he was guaranteed a partnership in the firm, so she had to be understanding, even though she wanted to scream!

She finished dinner, sitting at the large table alone. After cleaning everything up, she poured a glass of wine, and turned on the TV to watch rerun episodes of Two Broke Girls. Bill hated the show, saying the humor was lame, and the writing was pathetic, but she loved it, feeling that the humor was on point, and that the writers were brilliant. That was the only good thing about Bill working

late; she got to watch the silly sitcoms that he hated.

She must have fallen asleep, because she opened her eyes to an infomercial for skin cream. The house was dark and quiet, and she felt more alone than ever.

Her phone said it was after one in the morning, and even though Bill worked late quite often, he rarely worked past ten.

She picked up her phone, checked for texts or missed calls, but seen nothing.

Ginger: You ok babe?

It took a couple minutes for a response, and she was starting to get antsy waiting.

Bill: Finishing up now…

Ginger: Ok, I’m going to bed.

Bill: Sorry I’m so late, but we made a breakthrough!

Ginger: That’s great!

Ginger headed upstairs, undressing from her yoga pants and tank top. She thought about putting on one of her sexier nighties she purchased today, but knew it would be a waste.

Bill would come in late, fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, and then rush out of the house in the morning. Whenever he got excited about a breakthrough in a case, he rarely spent any time at home. All he wanted to do was work on the case and get it won.

Ginger fell into a deep sleep, and she never heard Bill come in. When she woke up, he was already dressed, and ready to head out the door.

He leaned over her, kissing her softly on the forehead.

“I’ve gotta run baby!” He said, grabbing his briefcase and heading for the door.

Ginger climbed out of bed, watched out the window as he pulled away in his black Mercedes. She loved that he was so successful, but she hated being so lonely all the time.

She was about to climb back into bed when she noticed the SUV from the day before pull back into the drive of the house next door.

The same couple got out of the car, and then walked over to the entrance of the house. She watched as they looked in the windows, and then walked around to the backyard.

The woman pulled up, wearing a red suit, similar to the black one from the day before, and greeted the couple as they made their way back to the front of the house.

She had papers in her hand, and wore a large smile, so Ginger knew the couple was putting in an offer that would make the realtor a hefty commission.

Her heart started beating fast, and she felt her excitement grow as they all went inside. She watched as they finally exited after several minutes, and the woman shook the couple’s hands as though they had just made a deal.

Ginger threw on her yoga pants and tank top that lay there in the floor, and pulled her hair up tightly into a ponytail. She ran down the stairs, and then out her backdoor, where she pretended to busy herself with skimming the pool.

She could hear laughter, and then silence. One car door sounded, but she never heard the second, so she was unsure if she should peek over the fence or not.

Voices came closer as the couple started walking around to the back of the house. Ginger looked over towards the chatter to see the woman standing on the deck, looking over at her.

“Hi there.” She said, waving her arm in the air.

“Hello.” Ginger said, trying her best to sound cool.

“We just put an offer in on this house, so I guess we’ll be neighbors.” She said, smiling with a crooked smile.

Her eyes were deep blue, her skin tan, and her cheeks round and plump like a school girls. Ginger knew she was young, at least no older than she was, but she somehow seemed more mature.

Ginger walked to the fence to meet the woman. She shook her hand and then proceeded to ask about the neighborhood.

“The neighbors are all nice, most have kids though,” Ginger said.

“You don’t?” The woman asked.

“No, not yet.” She said.

“Us either.” The woman responded.

“I’m Veronica, but my friends call me Vee, and this is Scott.” She said, motioning towards the tall man with wavy brown hair.

“I’m Ginger, and my husband is Bill, he’s at work, he’s usually always at work.” Ginger said with a smile.

“Ginger?” Vee said.

“You don’t look like a Ginger?” She added with a smile.

Ginger looked confused at the woman. She wondered what she did look like.

“I mean you don’t have red hair, its dark…” Vee said.

Ginger laughed, not realizing that’s what she meant.

“Well, it was good to meet you.” Vee said.

“If all goes well, we’ll be moved in next week.” She said.

“That’s fast!” Ginger said, knowing it took over a month to get into their house.

“It’s a bank sale, so if we can get the closing pushed up, it’s ours.” She said.

Ginger hadn’t realized the nice couple that lived next door when they moved in had lost their house. She suddenly felt bad for the fat woman with four kids that bitched all the time.

Chapter Four

Ginger couldn’t stop thinking about the new couple she had just met. She was excited to have new neighbors, and from what she saw, they were perfect.

She picked up her phone and decided to text Bill the good news. Ginger: We have new neighbors…

Bill: Really, that was quick.

Ginger: I know, I just met them…they move in next week! Bill: What are they like?

Ginger: Young, like us, no kids… Bill: Great…

Bill: I would love to have you for lunch…

Ginger: Do you want me to meet you there, or are you coming home? Bill: Come here, but no panties…

Ginger re-read the text. She didn’t realize Bill was flirting, she just thought he wanted to have lunch with her, not have herfor lunch.

She felt her face begin to blush, but her skin between her legs started to tingle with excitement.

Ginger: I have new panties… Bill: Good, but don’t wear them… Ginger: OK

Bill: Yellow sundress, high heels, hair up, no panties…

Ginger: I can’t wear a dress with no panties!

Bill: Yes you can…see you in an hour.

Ginger showered and spent extra time shaving her legs and trimming her bush. Bill had tried to talk her into shaving it, but she never would. She almost took the razor across her curly black hairs, but chickened out.

She pulled her hair up in a tight bun like Bill likes, and then put on her new bra that pushed her breasts up before sliding the yellow sundress over her head.

She held the panties in her hand, debating on whether or not to put them on. The drive there would be fine, but walking from the parking garage to the large office building where Bill worked was a little intimidating to have nothing covering her vagina. She couldn’t help but think about the wind, and the possibility that someone would look up her skirt as she climbed the first set of stairs to the elevators.

She slid the panties on, and got in her car to head towards Bill’s office.

The wind was picking up, and she held her dress tightly to her sides as she walked into the building. She felt relieved she had decided to put on the panties, not that they covered much with their stringed back, but she still felt more secure.

In the elevator, she felt her heart race. She knew Bill would be disappointed if she showed up wearing the new silky G-string she purchased.

She ducked into the ladies room before heading down the hall to his office, and closed herself into an empty stall. As she slid the panties down her legs, and over her high heels, she felt an excitement grow between her legs.

The panties were shoved into her purse, and she quickly exited the ladies room, walking briskly to Bill’s office at the end of the long corridor.

“Hey Ginger.” Paul said, one of Bill’s colleagues.

She smiled and said hello, not stopping to chit chat. She felt naked, exposed, and vulnerable.

Inside Bill’s office, he talked with an attractive older woman who leaned over his shoulder. Ginger felt the woman’s eyes burn through her as she looked at her like she was lost.

Bill got up before the woman could speak, and walked over to her, pulling her close into his chest.

“Pamela, this is my wife, Ginger.” He said proudly.

The woman looked unimpressed, but extended her hand for a shake. Ginger felt intimidated by the woman’s presence, and a little jealous that she was so close to her husband when she walked in.

“Good to meet you, I’ll get with you after lunch.” She said, and then exited the office.

Bill closed the door, and then locked it before he slid his hand up Ginger’s dress.

“Good girl.” He said when his hand slid across her bare pussy.

He pulled her hand to lead her towards his desk, and then lifted her by the waist to sit on the hard wood.

Her bare skin pressed against the hard wood, and she felt her pussy start to moisten with anticipation.

He sat in his chair, scooting it up close between her legs, and then slowly lifted her dress.

His fingers played with her sensitive skin, sliding back and forth through her slippery juices. He smiled as he looked up at her, but then immediately drew his attention back to her exposed pussy.

She loved when he looked at her so intimately, it felt uncomfortably sexy. His finger slid inside of her, working in and out as he watched them.

Ginger let out a little moan, and then opened her legs wider for him to explore her tight hole.

His mouth pressed against her, sucking her clit between his lips, and then shoving his tongue between her folds.

He worked his finger alongside his tongue as he fucked her on his desk. Her hips began to glide towards him, begging for more.

She heard him unzip his pants and fumble with his belt with his free hand. When he released her pussy from his mouth’s grip, his hands slid around her waist, pulling her onto his lap.

Her juices were flowing uncontrollably, so she slid around his cock without much effort. Her moans escaped her mouth as he pulled her onto him and his cock pushed deep inside of her.

She felt his hand slide over her mouth to hush her cries, and then he laughed as he uncovered it.

“You’ll get us busted.” He whispered.

His hands slid under her ass cheeks, pushing them up and then letting her weight drop back down on his hard cock over and over again.

The sensation was exhilarating. The fear of someone catching them, the thought of everyone knowing what they were doing behind closed doors, and the feel of his hard cock slamming into her pussy, pulling her tight plump folds apart was too much to handle.

Her body twitched, she let out a moan, and then exploded around his cock in a warm gush of pleasure. His hips pushed hard into her, and when she felt him grow inside of her, the throbbing shortly followed.

He spun his chair around, and pulled at her waist to lift her from his body.

“Take me into your mouth.” He whispered.

Ginger helped him remove her pussy from his throbbing cock, and quickly got

on her knees with her mouth covering the head of his cock.

He tasted like her juices, and she was a little shocked at how much that excited her. She began pushing her mouth down along his shaft, sucking up her own juices as his flowed down her throat.

“Holy shit that was hot.” He said once he caught his breath.

“I didn’t figure you wanted to be leaking on the way home, since you aren’t wearing any panties… and all.” He added.

That would have been true if she didn’t have panties in her purse, but she didn’t want him to know that.

“Smart thinking.” She said, with a crooked smile.

He pulled a few Kleenex’s from the box on his desk, cleaned himself off, and then handed her the box so that she could do the same to herself.

“So, where do you want to eat?” Ginger asked.

“You were my lunch baby, I knew I would be working late, and I just needed you.” He said.

She tried to hide her disappointment. She smiled, and said she understood. With a passionate kiss at the door, he unlocked it, and then walked her to the elevator.

As they passed the ladies room, she felt a panic set in. She didn’t want to go outside without panties, but he pushed past the door, and didn’t stop until he was at the elevator door.

He kissed her gently on the cheek as he said goodbye, and then stood at the doors as they closed her inside.

Outside, the wind lifted her skirt, even though she held t tightly to her side. She knew the man sitting on the steps eating a sandwich, probably got a great look up into her intimate parts as he smiled widely at her.

She was so relieved to get into her car. She pulled the panties from her purse and slid them on before driving home.

Bill had done his best to bring out her sexiness, but she always felt like he would like more. That was something she intended to work on.

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