Naughty Neighbors 5

Chapter One

Darlene still had that knotted feeling in her gut as she waded into her pool. She was confused about how she felt. She wasn’t sure it was how she was supposed to feel.

“Hey neighbor.” Tommy said from across the fence.

“Hey.” She waved to him, and then dunked under the water.

She swam to the deep end, and then came up for air, holding on to the edge of the pool. Tommy was standing at the edge, looking down at her with his bright green eyes, long hair, and beautiful smile.

“You want some company?” he asked.

“Sure.” She said with a smile.

Tommy climbed into the water using the ladder beside her. He swam over to her, his hair sticking to his chest, and then gripped her into his strong arms.

She let out a sigh as he squeezed her.

“Something bothering you?” he asked.

She knew that he probably thought she was having remorse about their play time in the pool the day before. But, she wasn’t sure how to tell him what was really bothering her. She wasn’t even sure if she should tell him.

“Spill it.” He said, tossing her a hypnotic smile.

“I just had a work out with Phil and Tamara.” She said, and then rolled her eyes.

“Really?” he asked, his eyebrows rising.

“Not like that!” she scoffed, and then splashed him with the water playfully. “Why not? That’s hot.” He said, still smiling.

“Oh, so it wouldn’t bother you if we had a big ole threesome this morning?” she asked.

“Well, it would bother me that I wasn’t invited.” He teased. “I would love to see you and Tamara go at it.” He said. “And, Phil?” she asked, raising an eyebrow as she spoke. “’What about Phil?” he asked nonchalantly.

“It wouldn’t bother you to watch him have his way with your wife?” she asked. “If it made her happy, it would make me happy.” He said with a sheepish grin.

Darlene was confused by his relaxed nature about his wife’s sex life. She had never been around someone so easy going when it came to infidelity.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” he asked, finally sounding more concerned.

“Maybe.” She said, and then pulled away, swimming to the shallow end of the pool.

Tommy followed her, and then sat down on the step next to her. “So, Tamara was topless during the workout.” She said. Tommy laughed. “Why?” he asked.

“So Phil could see her muscles contract where she wanted them toned.” Darlene said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh.” He said.

“And you were there for this?” he asked. “Yes.” She said.

“And it bothered you?” he asked.

“A little. Not really. I don’t know.” She said, stumbling for words. Tommy laughed, and then brushed her hair from her face.

“He’s already seen them.” He said.

“Tamara is proud of those tits. She should be for as much as I paid for them.” He said with a chuckle.

“That doesn’t bother you?” she asked. “Why should it? Their her tits.” He said.

“Ok, well what if I told you I caught them doing more?” she said. “More?” he asked.

Darlene was unsure if she was trying to convince herself it was wrong or Tommy.

“Yeah, I peeked in on them after I left.” She said.

“And, what did you see when you peeked my little naughty vixen?” he asked. Darlene felt a smile creep up on her lips, and her cheeks began to blush.

“I watched them fuck.” She said.

Tommy looked more intrigued than shocked.

“You watched them fuck?” he asked. “Like, you were in the room?” he added. “No, by the door.” She said.

“So, Phil shoved his manhood into little Tamara while you watched from the crack in the door?” he asked, laughing a bit when he spoke.

“Yes, my husband fucked your wife…while I watched.” She said, getting irritated by his lack of concern.

“What happened when you busted them?” he asked.

“I didn’t.” she said.

“You didn’t what?” he asked, giving her a sly smile.

“I didn’t bust them.” She said.

“Wow, so you watched the whole thing, cum shot and all?” he asked, the pitch of his voice rising as he showed his excitement.

“Yes.” Darlene admitted, feeling stupid as she spoke.

“That’s fucking hot!” he said.

“You don’t care that Tamara cheated on you?” she asked.

“Oh hell no. It’s just sex baby.” He said with a smile.

“I mean, she is happy, she’s not going to leave me, not for Phil…if that’s what you’re worried about.” He said.

Darlene had not even thought about Phil leaving her. She knew he was happy in their marriage, and she was happy with him. She wasn’t sure what she was worried about anymore.

Tommy floated into the pool, hovering in front of Darlene. His bright green eyes pierced through her as he smiled at her.

His hands reached out to her waist, and then tugged her into the water.

As he swam her into the deep end, he kissed her neck softly.

“You like it when I fuck that tight little pussy of yours don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes.” Darlene said with a giggle.

His hands slid between her legs, pushing her bikini bottom to the side.

“And, you still love your husband right?” he whispered.

“Yes.” She said.

He slid his finger between her plump lips, separating them, allowing the cool water to tickle her sensitive skin.

“I watched you last night.” He whispered, as he slid his finger deep inside of her.

Darlene felt a lump in her throat blocking the moan he created.

“Watched me?” she asked.

He pumped his finger in and out of her pussy, working up her juices. Her head fell back, and her lips parted, as the moan finally escaped.

“I stroked myself in the hot tub while Phil spanked your ass with his tongue.” He whispered.

Darlene felt electricity shoot through her entire body. She had spent so much time watching Tommy and Tamara, and then Phil and Tamara, she had no idea she had been watched.

“Tamara caught me watching…” he said slowly.

Darlene couldn’t process all the details of what he was saying clearly as he slid s second finger deep inside of her.

“She watched?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, she sat on my lap, fucked me hard while we both got off to you two.” He whispered.

Darlene felt a sudden burst of excitement at the thought of Tommy and Tamara getting off to her and Phil.

“I forgot to shut my curtains.” She gasped.

“Don’t eve shut them babe.” He whispered, and then pulled his fingers from between her legs.

Chapter Two

She wrapped her legs around him, while he pushed her ass outward enough to aim his cock at her entrance.

“You got that pussy nice and wet?” he asked.

“Yes.” She gasped.

He pushed into her, spreading her pussy lips wide as he entered. He did not take his time inching in; he plunged deep inside of her with his full length.

“Oh god!” Darlene gasped at the fullness he delivered.

Tommy smiled as he gripped her hips, and then thrust them towards him in a slow rhythmic motion.

Her grip around his shoulders tightened as she leaned her face against his chest. She softly kissed his soft skin as he rocked her back and forth.

“I love that tight pussy.” He whispered.

Darlene felt a tingle between her legs that shot to her breasts when he spoke.

His hands slid underneath her ass cheeks, and lifted her out of the water, high on his cock.

He slowly lowered her down, and then repeated the motion, creating waves in the pool around them.

Darlene forgot about Phil and Tamara just inside, she forgot about her nosey neighbor Sandy probably peeking through the fence, she forgot about the fact she was doing anything wrong. She felt good.

“I feel you twitching.” He whispered.

“You gonna cum for me already baby?” he asked, hoisting her to the top of his cock, and then pulling her hard down to the end.

“Yes….yes,” she gasped as she felt herself let go.

He swam her to the edge of the pool, and pushed her against the wall with his cock. Her legs opened wide, releasing their grip on him, and she held on to the edge while he pounded her hard.

She felt her ass scratch against the pool wall as he thrust deeper and harder. His hair sticking to his chest, with some still floating in the water beside him, he looked like a rock star.

“Give it to me baby.” He said, leaning in and softly kissing her lips.

She felt her mouth part, and his tongue entered, stroking against her tongue and gliding across her teeth.

Her body quivered, and she let go of the pool, and clamped on to him. Her legs tightened back around his waist as she felt her orgasm build.

“Fuck yeah, here she cums.” He said as she felt him grow and pulse inside of her.

Darlene felt as if her head was going to float from her shoulders, and her body would just go limp as she let go around his large cock. The force of her orgasm pushed him out, but then tried to pull him back in as her muscles contracted.

“Fucking awesome!” he said, and then dunked under the water.

His hair fell back from his face in a smooth wave, and then clung to his shoulders and back.

Darlene looked around; making sure no one could see what just happened. Her yard was extremely private, with the exception of the two lower sections of fence on either side of the house.

She knew if Sandy had seen or heard anything, she was most likely lying in her flower bed, dead from a heart attack.

The water felt cool and refreshing as the blood rushed back to her head. She dunked herself under, smoothing her hair back away from her face.

“Race you to the other end.” Tommy said, and then pushed off the wall of the pool towards the opposite end of the pool.

“That’s cheating!” Darlene yelled as she tried to catch up to him. Tommy made it to the other side and started laughing.

“Did you just call me a cheater?” he laughed. “Yes, I guess I did.” Darlene said with a chuckle.

Phil walked out the back door with Tamara following behind him. He dove into the deep end and swam towards Tommy and Darlene. “Hey guys.” He said as he took a seat by Darlene on the steps. “How was your workout?” Tommy asked with a slight grin.

Darlene noticed Phil blush a little bit, and then he cleared his throat before answering.

“It was good.” He said.

Tamara sat on the edge of the pool, dangling her feet over the edge. “How’s the water?” she asked.

“Refreshing. Get in babe.” Tommy said.

“I have to go next door and change.” She said as she started to get up. “Nonsense.” Tommy said.

“Bathing suits optional.” He said with a smile.

He slid his shorts from his body, letting them float in the pool in front of him. He grabbed them and tossed them to the edge.

Phil grinned, and then followed Tommy’s lead. He slid his tight workout pants from his body, and then tossed them behind him on the concrete.

Darlene blushed at the image of Phil and Tommy standing on either side of her naked. Neither of them had an erection, but both offered large chunks of meat dangling between their legs, even limp.

“Come on girls. Your turn.” Tommy urged.

Phil looked towards Darlene, as if to taunt her to do something he felt she wouldn’t do.

She reached behind her and untied her bikini top, letting her large breasts bask in the warm sunlight.

She reached down, pulling her bottoms from her body, and tossed them with her top next to Phil’s shorts.

Tamara smiled, and then bounced a little as she stood up. She quickly stripped out of her yoga shorts and her tight top.

She stood nude in front of them, her perfectly trimmed bush revealing her pink and plum pussy lips, and her large breasts with nipples saluting the sun.

“Wow, you’re doing a great job with her Phil.” Tommy said, and then patted him on the back.

Darlene couldn’t deny that in just the last week, Tamara’s body had taken on a new, toner shape.

She slid into the pool, submerging her naked body in the water.

Tommy swam over to her, pulling her close to him in his strong tattooed arms.

Phil grabbed Darlene by the waist and swam her out towards the deep end where he could touch, and she couldn’t.

She watched as Tamara giggled, a little jealous that she wasn’t the one in Tommy’s arms.

Phil cupped Darlene’s breasts, pinching at her nipples as her back pressed against his hard chest.

She could feel his erection growing behind her, and she knew it was partly having her naked against him, and partly watching Tommy suck on Tamara’s breasts.

Tommy swam Tamara to the steps in the shallow end. He lifted her ass up and placed her on the top step.

Her legs were open wide, exposing her young pink pussy to Phil, and to Darlene.

“That’s a pretty pussy!” Tommy said, looking over his shoulder at Phil.

“Yes, it is.” He said, his eyes fixated on the pink flesh between Tamara’s legs.

Tommy spread her open with his fingers, and then plunged one deep inside of her until she squealed.

His mouth lowered to her swollen clit, and sucked hard, making her moan with pleasure.

Darlene couldn’t take her eyes off of them. Tommy’s tongue skillfully lapped up her juices as she arched her back and called out his name.

“That’s fucking hot.” Phil whispered in Darlene’s ear.

“Yes.” She gasped.

His hands slid down her waist and in between her legs. His fingers slid inside her, pumping hard as she thrust her hips towards him.

Phil swam Darlene over to the steps next to Tommy and Tamara. He stopped her at the first step, leaving her to face Tommy as he lapped up Tamara’s pussy.

She felt Phil’s cock press up against her opening, and then with a quick thrust, push inside of her.

She let out a loud moan. Tommy smiled at her, and then went back to pleasuring his wife with his tongue.

His hand slid over to her breasts, pinching at her nipples as Phil fucked her from behind. She noticed Phil’s hand slid between Tamara’s legs, opening her lips wide as Tommy sucked on her clit.

Tamara’s back arched, she let out a moan, and Darlene felt her body begin to swell and quiver.

Her orgasm was in perfect sync with Tamara’s, and Phil busted his load soon after.

Darlene felt Phil pull out of her, and she swam away into the water of the deep end to gather her thoughts on what just happened.

Phil lingered at the shallow end while Tommy slid his large cock into Tamara. Phil’s hands were on Tamara’s breasts, rubbing and caressing her as Tommy fucked her.

Darlene watched as the three continued their mission until Tommy shot his load into Tamara, making her let out a loud moan.

The couples played in the pool, laughing, and talking about workouts and cookouts, as if nothing ever happened.

When Tommy and Tamara finally decided to go home and get something to eat, Darlene felt relieved to be alone with Phil. She had a lot to digest from her day.

Chapter Three

Phil was prepping the grill while Darlene seasoned their chicken breast and cut up vegetables for their salad.

Neither of them talked about their experience in the pool. But, Phil was much more attentive to Darlene.

He came in from the patio, and wrapped his arms around her waist. He softly kissed her on the neck, and then nibbled on her earlobe.

Darlene loved the affection. Phil was usually more robotic with his motions when it came to kissing her, and even fucking her. This new world had opened up a more natural side to Phil, one that was more spontaneous, and open to new experiences.

He squeezed her breasts playfully, and then took the chicken outside to put on the grill.

As she watched out the window, she noticed Tommy standing by the grill drinking a beer next to Phil.

They seemed to be laughing as Phil turned the chicken. Darlene smiled to herself as she remembered everything that happened that day. It seemed the entire day was surrounded with sex. She decided to hold onto Tommy’s words

“I mean, she is happy, she’s not going to leave me, not for Phil…if that’s what you’re worried about.” That did make her feel better.

She had no intentions of leaving her husband for Tommy, or anyone else, but she loved how he made her feel.

Phil patted Tommy on the back as he walked back towards his house, and then he turned to come into the house.

“You about ready?” he asked.

“Five minutes.” She said.

“Ok.” He said, and then disappeared back out the door.

When he came back in with the chicken, she had the salad already prepped and on the table with fresh corn on the cob.

“Back to eating healthy. Back to normal.” Phil said, and took a seat at the head of the table.

She knew he was referring to all the red meat they had eaten since their neighbors moved in, but a part of her panicked thinking he meant that everything should go back to normal.

She was excited wondering what would happen next between them and the couple next door. She didn’t want things to go back to normal.

“Are you working out with Tamara tomorrow?” she asked as she cut into her chicken.

“No. I have a meeting at the gym.” He said.

Darlene started wondering if maybe he did get it all out of his system. She thought maybe it was too much. Maybe it went too far.

She wasn’t willing to give up Tommy’s cock. Even if that meant letting her husband fuck his hot wife. She liked not having the guilt.

“I’ll be gone most of the day.” He said.

Darlene watched him as he cut his chicken into equal sized pieces. He never looked up at her as he picked up each piece and put it into his mouth.

After dinner, Darlene took the dishes to the sink, and Phil went outside to clean the grill.

She went upstairs and into her studio for a workout before bed, while Phil swam laps in the pool.

It felt good to get a little workout in. Darlene looked out the bedroom window to see if Phil was still in the pool. She had thought maybe a dip would be more refreshing than a shower before bed.

Phil was in the pool with Tommy and Tamara.

Tamara’s large breasts bounced up and down out of the water in front of Phil as Tommy lifted her by her waist.

Darlene watched as Tommy guided Tamara to the steps. She sat on the top one, her knees pulled to her chest and spread open to reveal she had no bikini bottoms covering her.

Phil swam over to her and lowered his mouth between her legs. His skillful tongue had her arching her back and moaning in no time.

Tommy pulled his large curved cock from his basketball shorts, and fed it to his wife while Phil pleasured her.

Darlene wanted to go join, but she was getting excited watching them from her window. The thought that Phil had no idea he was being watched excited her. She loved seeing how he fucked another woman.

Phil had his hand on one of Tamara’s breasts, while Tommy caressed the other. She wrapped her legs around Phil’s neck, pushing her hips towards him.

Darlene slipped her hand between her legs to rub her aching pussy. She slid up and down on her clit, creating friction to work up her orgasm.

Phil pulled out of her legs and exposed his erect cock as he pulled it out of his pants. He gripped Tamara’s legs and slid himself inside of her bright pink pussy.

Darlene worked her hand fasted across her clit as she watched Tommy push his large cock down Tamara’s throat.

As if they had it pre-planned, Tommy and Phil switched places without hesitation.

Phil slid his cock that was soaked with Tamara’s pussy juices deep into her mouth while Tommy shoved his large cock in her opening that Phil so carefully stretched out for his large member.

Darlene felt her orgasm start as she throbbed beneath her fingers. Tommy pushed hard against Tamara, arching his back as he looked like he released his load. Phil pulled his cock from Tamara’s mouth and let his load spill out onto her tits.

Darlene’s legs were quivering as she sat down in the floor by the window. Her breathing was sporadic, her heartbeat rapid, and she felt spent.

Chapter Four

Darlene never said a word to Phil about what she saw through the window. She was already showered and in bed when he came upstairs, so he climbed into bed and shut off the light.

He kissed her gently on the back of the neck, and then rolled over to go to sleep.

She knew he was probably feeling guilty for what he just done, but she also knew he had to be exhausted from so much sex in one day. They both drifted off to sleep quickly.

Darlene woke up to Phil’s tongue sliding around her opening. He pushed his finger inside of her slowly, and then replaced it with his tongue.

She was already half way to an orgasm by the time she woke up. She must have thought she was dreaming while he pleasured her.

Phil threw the covers back so he could look up at her as he buried his tongue in her pink flesh.

Darlene pushed her hips into his mouth, arched her back, and let out a moan. She had visions of his mouth buried in Tamara’s pretty pink pussy as he fucked her with his tongue.

“Oh god.” She said as she felt her legs begin to quiver.

Phil slid a finger between her ass cheeks and without warning into her ass.

She felt herself tighten, as she tensed up from the shock, but then once she released, she started rocking herself towards him, pushing his finger deeper inside of her.

He lapped up her juices as quickly as they spilled out between her pink lips. She felt her orgasm take off, and with his finger in her tight ass, it felt more

intense, and it felt as though it would never end.

“Good morning.” He said, looking up from between her legs.

He slowly slid his finger from between her cheeks, and slid off the mattress to his feet.

“Good morning.” Darlene gasped.

Phil had never woken her up like that before. It was unlike him to pleasure her, without looking for his own satisfaction.

“I’m showering, and then I have to run.” He said with a smile before he disappeared into the bathroom.

Once she heard the shower running, she went downstairs to make his smoothie.

After Phil left for the day, Darlene worked out for an hour, took a shower, and then came downstairs to have a late breakfast.

She looked out the backdoor as she ate her granola and fruit, but seen no sign of her neighbors.

She cleaned the house, got some work done, and even started reading a book just to occupy her time. She was anxious. She was horny. She wanted to know what Tommy and Tamara were doing.

After 3 o’clock with no sign of her neighbors, she decided to go next door to find them.

As she walked outside, she noticed Tamara in her bikini washing her car.

“Hey girl!” Darlene waved.

“Hey!” Tamara waved back.

Darlene made her way over to her, and watched as she finished rinsing the car.

“I’m ready for a swim.” Tamara said.

“Yes, it’s hot” Darlene said.

“I have to get my suit.” she added.

“You don’t need a suit!” Tamara said, and then laughed.

“C’mon.” She said. “Let’s get a margarita.” She added.

Inside the house, the blender sat on the counter, ready and waiting for the tequila and margarita mix. Within a couple minutes, Tamara had them poured in salt rimmed glasses, and handed one to Darlene.

She followed her outside to the pool, where Tommy was already swimming.

“We’re going to swim.” Tamara said with a smile.

“Well. I have to warn you, I have no shorts.” He said to Darlene with a grin.

“That’s ok, I have no suit.” Darlene said, holding her margarita in the air with a smile.

“That’s what I like to hear!” Tommy said.

Darlene wasted no time stripping out of her clothes. Tamara followed suit, and stripped her bikini off, throwing it to the ground.

Darlene walked into the pool as Tommy stared at her large breasts bounce with each step.

Once in the water, he swam over to her, scooping her up in his arms.

Tamara walked into the water, and swam towards them. She wrapped her arms around the back of Tommy’s shoulders.

“This is the life.” Tommy said, and then let out a laugh.

“Did you watch us last night naughty girl?” Tommy asked.

Darlene blushed.

“Yes.” She said.

Tamara let out a giggle and then brushed Tommy’s hair from his face, pulling it back into a loose braid.

His mouth lowered onto Darlene’s breast, focusing on her hardened tender nipple.

She let out a moan as he tugged her sensitive skin with his tight lips, scraping his teeth gently as he let go.

He swam her to the steps, sitting her on the top step, and then pushing her gently back with his hand on her abdomen.

Her legs were spread wide open for Tommy’s eyes, and Tamara’s, who was still hanging on his back.

“I told you that was a pretty pussy.” He said to his wife.

Darlene felt odd that he had talked to his wife about her pussy.

“You’re right babe, it’s beautiful.” She said.

He lowered his mouth between Darlene’s legs, and lapped up her juices with his tongue flattened and soft. Tamara slid from his back, and sat on the steps next to Darlene, spreading her legs, and sliding her fingers into her pink pussy.

Tommy rose up, moved his mouth to Tamara’s pussy, and then licked around her fingers as she fucked herself.

Tommy lifted Tamara up by her hand and turned her towards Darlene.

“Taste her juices; they are as sweet as yours.” Tommy whispered to his wife.

Darlene felt herself tense up as Tamara sunk into the water and lowered her mouth between her legs. Her soft tongue flicked at her clit, and then slowly slid back and forth on her plump lips.

Darlene let out a moan as the sensation was much better than expected. Her

hair tickled between her thighs like Tommy’s as she buried her tongue deep inside of her.

Tommy slid his hard cock between his wife’s ass cheeks, pushing it deep into her pussy while she pleasured Darlene with her mouth. Darlene could feel his thrusts as he pushed Tamara’s face and tongue harder into her.

“I could use some help here buddy!” Tommy said, causing Darlene to open her eyes and come back to reality.

Phil stood at the gate, looking over at his wife getting fucked by the neighbors, and Darlene felt panic. She wasn’t sure if he would be as open about her as she had been with him.

Tamara lifted her head up from between Darlene’s legs, and looked over her shoulder at Phil.

“Yes, come join us.” She said with a smile, and then went back to work on Darlene’s clit.

Phil walked over to their yard. His eyes were dark, and his stance firm. Darlene wasn’t sure what his next move would be. She started to get worried.

After a few seconds of tension, he removed his shirt, and then his shorts, and climbed into the pool.

He took Tommy’s place behind Tamara, and Tommy pulled Darlene by the legs onto his already rock hard cock.

Darlene felt a relief as there were finally no more secrets. She had worried about how Phil would react to her and Tommy fucking. But, as she moaned from its girth and long length beside him pumping into Tamara, she realized he was going to be just fine.

So, the day that Tommy and Tamara moved next door, never once did Darlene think things would end up like this. Life may be a lot different that it had been, but it certainly felt a lot better.

The End of the Story

Thank you so much for reading…