2011: Indian Son Burning Desire

2011: Indian Son Burning Desire

I was awakened by the sound of soft moans. I realized that it was my parents having sex in their bedroom. My mother didn’t seem to realize she was being a bit loud. The thought of my mother, Suma, having sex excited me. Still feeling sexually frustrated from events that happened earlier that day, I decided to get up and see if I could view anything going on in my parent’s bedroom.

I slowly got out of bed. The hallway light was off as usual. All was quiet. My parent’s room was a little way down the hall on the opposite side of mine. Luckily, Shilpa’s room was on the floor above ours. As our flat was split level, I would hear her coming down the stairs if she got up. Because it was dark in the corridor, I had no fear of being caught. I crept slowly, trying not to make any noise.

When I reached my parent’s bedroom door, I placed my head next to the door. I should have left them to their privacy, but instead I hesitated. I was very horny. I was also curious to see how my mother, Suma, looked in bed. If they knew that I was outside their bedroom, I figured they’d stop. They would get mad that I was peeping if they knew. I could have left, but something made me hope I could get away with watching them. The risks were worth the reward. Whatever happened afterward, I would have to just face the consequences and pay the penalty. ‘So be it’ I thought to myself.

I must that confess that as I stood there and listened to the erotic cries of my mother cumming, it got me off. Dad’s grunts were dull, but Mom’s moans were music in my ears. My mother being a typical Indian housewife, was well proportioned in a large, comfortable way. But to me, my mother was the ultimate object of beauty and desire.

First let me describe the most beautiful, sensual, and sexual woman I know, my mother Suma. She has shoulder length black hair. Her dark brown eyes are large and warm, and she still has the face of woman many years younger than she actually is. Her breasts are not large, but jut out from her chest with just a hint of sag. She had those flaring hips, commonly referred to as “baby making hips”. My Mother’s most alluring attribute is her beautiful ass. I would fantasize each night before falling asleep about what my mother’s ass looked like. It was not too large, but it definitely gave my mother an overall voluptuous figure.

And now in the dim light, I could see the naked body of my mother being stretched out on the bed by my equally nude father. My Dad lay atop her, as they kissed and fondled each other, murmuring bedroom talk. Then my Dad moved and went down on Mom! She spread her legs and bent her knees. He moved lower and put his face between her thick thighs. Oh how I wished the light was brighter! That really seemed to get my mother horny and she made little squeals of ecstasy. Not long went by before she was dragging him up to her by the shoulders.

“I want to suck your cock, and then I want you to cum in my mouth.” said Suma. ” I haven’t had the taste of your cum in my mouth for some time. Let’s do a 69, so you can enjoy my backside all you like, at the same time.”

“As long as I get to lick that beautiful ass of yours.” Replied my Dad.

My heart skipped a beat, still shocked at what I had just heard. However, I started to get aroused hearing my Mother talk dirty for the first time. I couldn’t believe my ears because she was normally the perfect lady and a very religious person. Hearing these words from my Mother sounded so wrong, but yet so erotic. My fingers wandered down to my pants, my cock getting hard as I continued to listen.

Suma climbed on top of her husband, straddling his chest. With her firm thighs, she hovered her wide ample ass over his face. My Mother began licking up and down my Dad’s cock. He reached up with his hands and spread her fleshy ass cheeks further apart, so that he was stretching sides of her asshole open. He then started to lick at it, first around the rim with fast lapping licks, like he was licking an ice cream. Dad darted his tongue inside the hole, deeply and rhythmically, like he was fucking it with his tongue. How I wished it was me gently inserting my tongue into my mother Suma’s brown puckered asshole. I would first gently play with the outer star-like ring, and then fully penetrate it with my tongue.

Suma, was now writhing her ass on top of my Dad’s face, she seemed to be loving the feeling of her husbands tongue inside and around her asshole. Meanwhile, she continued to lick up and down his shaft and then around the tip, darting her tongue over the sensitive slit on the head.

At that moment, Mother turned her head and saw me. As her eyes met mine, she was taken by surprise. There I was, her son, standing with his hands in his pants and beating his cock. I didn’t know what to do, I automatically froze. She stared, but didn’t stop sucking on my Dad. She actually increased the pace, sucking up and down on his shaft. Knowing that her son was watching seemed to feed her lust even more. She wanted to show me just how much of a hot cocksucker she was, and was putting on a good show for me.

After a moment, she took the entire head in her mouth and sucked on it hard. Then, ever so slowly, took in more and more of his hard cock into her mouth, until finally she was deep throating it, a technique which she must have perfected over the years. With her mouth full of my Dad’s hard cock, she still managed a moan of pleasure from her throat, sounding almost like she was choking. I watched in amazement at her technique and the way she took her dad’s prick all the way in to her mouth almost to the base.

Being the woman she was, the lust in her took over, and her brain appeared to work quickly, sizing up the situation. She must have realized my Dad would never be able see their son peering into the room from his position. Her wide ample butt would see to that, as well as his love for it!

The two of us were intimately connected by our eyes and then she did something that shocked me. Suma looked me straight in the eyes, and asked my Dad, “Do you wanna fuck my fat ass, Honey? I know you wanna!”

In front of me, my Dad was going to fuck my mother in ass! Suma was on all fours, her thick and plump body jiggling. Her big butt cheeks were spread wide open, and my dad cock was going to fill her tight asshole. There I was, standing with my hands in my pants, beating my cock. I didn’t know what else to

do, so I discontinued my masturbation, and quickly slipped away and went to the privacy of my bedroom.

Halfway to my bedroom, I heard the loud grunting and groaning of my mother. My Mom was getting her ass fucked. I suddenly had to get back to see her being fucked in the ass. Mom’s sighs were so sweet, yet I could feel her pain. It was so erotic. I became so horny that I put my hand in my pajamas. The danger of being caught added to the sexual thrill. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I pulled out my hard cock and started to masturbate in front of my Mother while she sucked my Dad’s cock. My hand was wrapped around my dick, stroking my cock to the rhythm they had. Suma looked up momentarily again and saw what I was doing, masturbating while her husband fucked her ass. Suma could not help stare at my hard cock.

Higher and higher, louder and longer, her moans grew, Mother was enjoying it and wanted to show me how much. Their pace picked up as my father’s climax approached. My Dad was going to cum in her fat ass. The clapping of their flesh slapped harder and faster. I had never been so turned on until that very moment. I stroked my hard cock faster, I wanted to cum at the same time as my mother. I was close myself, we were all going to peak together!

Then the trio of cums cascaded, first my mother Suma, then Dad, and finally me. Suma’s orgasm began with rapid breathing that I could clearly hear, vocalizations of her gasps for breath. These became high pitched calls of her cumming, “UH! OH! AHH! EEHH! EEEE!! IYEEE!!!” The last, like a wavering siren, was the trigger for both my father and me. Voyeurism had never been so hot! Dad was grunting and groaning and thrusting hard and deep in my mother’s ass. Her ass cheeks were pulled as wide as they could get, bent to give him every inch of access.

No doubt I made my own noises as my prick spewed thick white cum, but I didn’t register my own utterances. Since that was the first spout of the night, it was not just a spill of cum, but a veritable fountain that spouted. I don’t often have that powerful an orgasm, but I felt it from my asshole to the back of my head, as the contractions banged through my body. I wished, oh how I wished, that in the next minute, Dad would say, ‘Okay, son, why don’t you take over and give your mother Suma the next round of cum.” Or my mother to say to me. “Now, Sweetie, it’s your turn to fuck my ass, Daddy has made Mummy’s tight ass nice and wet for you.”

Sadly, it didn’t happen. For a moment, we all had only the energy to pant and try to regain our wind and we sucked in oxygen to replenish our lungs. The sound of heavy breathing was all that could be heard. Then, I did get a surprise. Dad lifted off and lied back at the end of the bed. Mom turned so her legs went back down to the floor. She reached up and switched on the end table lamp.

In the brighter light I could clearly see her breasts, full boobs with large extended brown nipples. Her dark triangular bush was split by the rosy red of her cloven sex, she didn’t even bother to hold her knees tight together. She was natural, like she had a gown on, but she was totally bare. None of us had ever had any reason to think that we would have been involved in so crazy a ménage together, but there we were! It was serendipity, it was sheer happenstance that the circumstances converged on our collective congress of cumming. Regrets? Not me! My mother, Suma? I guess she figured as long as Dad didn’t

know, it wasn’t the end of the world. Accidents happen, like walking in on somebody on the toilet. Of course, this was rather much more intimate.

Here’s the kicker, before going to bathroom, my mother stood up with her huge ass toward me and bent forward. She turned around and looked me straight in the eyes, with one hand spread her ass cheeks apart and with the other hand she inserted her finger into her asshole. She then scoped out some of cum that was dripping out of her ass and licked her finger.

Before she turned and went to the bathroom, her look had a message, I’m pretty sure I understood. She was definitely telling me that she knew of my desire for her, especially after tonight. I’m pretty sure that she was letting me know that she found me sexy too. Possibly she was communicating that she had also felt an erotic connection shared from the evening’s unexpected events. Most of all I hoped she was trying to get across, without my father knowing of course, that there might be something more between us later on in private. I would have to wait and see when my Dad wasn’t around.

Though I had fallen asleep quickly when I got to my room with visions of ‘sugar-moms’ dancing in my head, I awoke early the next morn. I considered a return to bed, perhaps to have a rerun in my head of last night’s incredible scene. It was going to be fuel for my fantasies for many days to come.

As I made my way to the toilet, I heard the spray-gun sound of piss, as the sounds trailed off. This was such a turn-on as I imagined my mother in the toilet. My mother came out of the bathroom. She had just finished washing her ass with water. She wore a rather tight shalwar kameez, her panties were stuck in her shalwar and her kameez had riden up, giving an exciting view of her thighs and ass. She didn’t notice me behind as she made her way to kitchen.

Her panty line and her sexy, fair, brownish-white thighs was clearly visible. Her shalwar was slight wet, as was her panties for she had just finished cleaning her ass. What an erotic sight. I could feel myself getting hard. My mother’s sexy ass was pleasingly broad, and her thick legs even if they were full, especially her milky white thighs. I could feel my cock bulging in my pants more than ever, just throbbing and crying for attention.

As my mother turned to kitchen she found me staring at her ass and her eyes drifted toward my crotch. Her heart fluttered a little as she eyed the bulge beneath in my jeans. My mother struggled desperately to keep her eyes off my crotch – and failed. I noticed her unusual lack of composure and was puzzled. I saw that she was glancing furtively at the bulge in my pants. Our eyes met. My mother saw my probing gaze and turned beet red, looking away quickly. It was unmistakable, damn my mother is turned on! Shit! I was stunned.

She was definitely on the plump side. She wore rather short house dresses, in the middle of the day, and tended to be rather careless in the way she sat. She always crossed her legs, and her house coat would ride up giving view of her panty covered pussy. For years, ever since I had begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I had always had a tremendous craving for my mother’s big luscious body.

I used to sneak into my mother’s room or bathroom when she was not home and look for her dirty

panties. The essence of my mother’s womanhood always lingered in the crotch of her wet panties, and occasionally, I would find a stray black curly pubic hair. My mind would be ablaze with lust at moments like this. To find something that had actually been a part of my mother Suma’s pussy. I would take the panties to my room and get totally naked and pleasure myself, as I sniffed the crotch of her panties. The odor was intoxicating to me, and I would be delirious with desire. I would be close to orgasm, and then just before squirting my cum, I’d aim my cock right at the crotch of her wet dirty panties. I’d imagine that I was actually cuming deep inside my mother’s hairy, tight pussy. My warm sticky cum spilled out of my hard cock, and my eyes watched as my cum slowly absorbed into the cotton fabric of my Mom’s panties.

After Mother went into the kitchen, I thought I’d take the edge off my horniness by masturbating with Mom’s panties. I went into the bathroom and found a sexy pair that were light blue satin. They had a slight yellow stain where I imagined she had to pee, and maybe squirted some out before she got to the toilet. I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply, they were full feminine aroma. It was heavenly and extremely erotic. I didn’t want to rush it, but I also wanted to empty everything I had stored in my testicles. In my fantasy I was enjoying the feeling of touching myself, and rubbing the crotch of mother’s panties against my face.

“Why don’t you smell these panties?”

I jumped, and saw mother Suma standing in the doorway, holding the hem of her saree up to her waist with one hand, and massaging her crotch with the other. She was pushing the panties into the crack of her pussy, and the scene was as erotic and real as any I could have imagined. “Mom! I didn’t know you were here!”

“I know baby, I wanted to surprise you. I knew what you would be doing. I see you found the pair that I peed into, you are a nasty boy aren’t you?”

“Mom, you look so hot doing that”.

She continued to rub her mound as she spoke to me in a seductive voice. “Come smell my panties honey, it doesn’t get any fresher than this.” She coaxed me toward her and pulled the waist of her panties out and down, so that I could see her lush growth of black pubic hair amongst the white cotton crotch of her lace panties. I gingerly moved toward her and anticipated the wonderful assault on my olfactory senses.

In my fantasy I hungrily buried my face into her mound, and she spoke so wantonly. “Oh yes my son, smell Mommy’s hot wet pussy. Does it smell good baby? Does it make my baby boy want to lick Mommy’s dirty asshole?”

“Oh yes Mom, I do! I do want to smell and taste your ass!”

I masturbated right there in the bathroom until I came. I didn’t wipe my cum off, I pulled up my underwear. I wanted my mom to smell my cum, if she could. And walking around with a wet sticky cum

around my cock, just sounded so kinky. Maybe I can hug my mother just like I did yesterday with my sister. It just felt so kinky not to wipe my cum off of myself.

As I exited the bathroom, I smelled coffee and instead followed my nose to the kitchen. Mom was still puttering around in her shalwar kameez. I saw the dark shade of perky nipples, the slightly pendulous pair of breasts, the perky nipples popped out exactly like last night. What a sight! It combined with the way her butt cheeks had stretched the fabric of her tight shalwar, the way they had wobbled and rippled as she had walked about in the kitchen. They were comfortable, but also showed the curves of her ample butt in all its glory as she walked. Because the material was thin, it showed the movement of flesh.

What a delight, what a woman, what a mom, to be so saucy for her son’s saucer-wide eyes, so that I was blessed by the vision of her in the altogether. It was, for lack of words, an altogether astounding display and made my day. Shit it made my week! Suma, my mother was singing to herself, obviously in a good mood. I wasn’t quite sure how to speak about last night, so I mumbled a “Good morning” and sat at the table. I thought it best to keep it low key.

I mean, you don’t go babbling to your mother, “Gee mom, last night was really cool, watching you and dad fuck, when can we do it again? Huh? Huh?” Even though that is exactly the emotional reaction I was having. I wondered if, in the light of day, my sexy fat assed momma would still feel the same way as she did last night when her breasts brushed my shoulders and her soft hand fondled my hard dick. I was just that kind of hopeful, that what she had seem to convey, with that erotic and intimate touch and promising direct gaze was going to be fulfilled. When was not an issue, as any time would be fine with me! But I was unsure and even timid about how to broach the subject.

As she bent down get something from a low kitchen drawer, I glanced at the tightness of her shalwar around her thighs, her wide hips. I only noticed her skin tight thighs and how the fabric of the pants stretched against her ass cheeks and into her butt crack. Her panty line was clearly visible. I could feel my cock bulging in my pajamas more than ever, just throbbing and crying for attention. The way my mother’s ass looked, as it filled out in her silk shalwar showing off her wide butt cheeks, I wished I could have knelt down behind her and kissed and felt up her ass right there and then. I wanted to taste my mother ass, the same ass that was fucked by Father yesterday. Would her brown asshole still be sore? My dick had been straining in my pants at that point, and I had to go to my room and jack off. She saw where I was sitting and smiled.

Mom came over and set a cup of coffee before me, made exactly how I liked it. A normal motherly thing she typically did. Then she said, “Your father is sound asleep still, he’ll be up late today, I guess last night was too tiring for him , but I enjoyed it fully. He had plenty of fun with me last night, and now let me enjoy some time with my son!”

She was quite right; I wanted to have more time with Mom alone. Especially since my mother seemed to be in a salacious mood. Her talk seemed to arouse a lot sexual desires. What would come next from this racy and coquettish woman that had once been the subdued homemaker mother of my youth? I wanted to encourage her to continue with her train of erotic talk. However, I was floundering in my attempts to

get a word in edgewise. But she didn’t show that aspect of her personality very often quite so bawdily. I liked it of course, it had the electrifying effect of revving up my libido.

“Did you get to sleep soon? Or were you up reviewing the surprising events of earlier in the evening?” Meaning, had I also been so charged up, that I needed to have another release, thinking about the spectacle I had serendipitously, though inadvertently, witnessed.

Now, I was aware of Mom’s risqué side, she wasn’t above being earthy when she wanted to be. “Um, Nuh-uh” was my less than brilliant garbled grunting. “No. After the … Festivities were over, I was out like a light, when I hit the bed.”

“I am still very sore, I cannot even sit straight this morning.” She smirked with her smutty humor, and it evoked a shock cough from me. Did she just refer to her ass being sore? I couldn’t believe my ears. I was fascinated with the steamy spicy insights I was getting about her bedroom behavior with my father.

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